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About us

Punarjan is a fitness venture which focus on functional fitness programs because it’s about training your body to handle real-life situations. It is suitable for anyone who is motivated to train. The training will allow people to step up their performance in their sport, get stronger, prevent injuries, lose weight, look better and become their healthiest and fittest! We have an array of fitness opportunities that can strengthen your body, mind, and spirit during your Hopkins experience. Besides all of our other rec programs and facility options, check out what our fitness programs have to offer

Our certified personal trainers are here to help! Whether you need a program to get started, a new twist on what you’ve been doing, some expert advice, or a little extra motivation, signing up for personal training could be your ticket to success. The JHU personal trainers are ready to help you with safe, effective, and proven exercise techniques that will put or keep you on a path to fitness and health. We’ll match you up with a trainer who can best help you meet your specific goals, lifestyle, and schedule.


If you’re brand new to exercise or to the Rec Center, consider this one time option. A personal trainer will meet with you to discuss and setup an exercise program appropriate and tailored to you. The session includes personalized orientations to our machines, as well as help with proper technique in all exercises