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Master Mind

Born in the spiritual and exotic town of Thrissur in Kerala,his passion was always in the field of body fitness and physical training.Even after graduating from an engineering college his heartfelt purpose was to find out the mantra of inner whole fitness and the mysterious ways of the body anatomy.

Certified as a personal fitness trainer and being trained in the art of yoga by various expertise in India,he has excelled in the field of fitness as a personal trainer and as a trainer for the trainers.From his extensive experience he introduced his brand punarjan

Punarjan is an eloquent and a unique concept conceived in the cradle of ancient traditions merged with scientific ways of rejuvenating oneself from mental depressions ,obesity,restlessness and physical fitness problems emerging from the improper lifestyle of an individual .At the final stages of Punarjan an individual will experience perfect shape,serene mind,clear thoughts and new aspirations by a series of fitness trainings ,yoga,meditations, tantric shiyatsu and water shiyathsu combined with the power of Aroma in a proper ambiance, music and rejuvenating spa.