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On behalf of the Aqua Dynamics Institute, we would like to take this opportunity to provide a letter of introduction and recommendation for Rajiv Pottekkat. Rajiv is a dynamic leader, talented presenter, and outstanding educator in the field of aquatic exercise and also aquatic therapy. He has been doing and teaching Ai Chi as well as other International Aquatic Professional Licenses.

Rajiv will be an asset to any health, wellness and therapy or fitness organization with his energetic personality, precise practical abilities, and strong knowledge base of exercise principles and aquatic fitness concepts.


During my holidays in Anjuna, I took some morning courses with Rajiv, yoga master. I enjoyed them very much : since my son's birth, I did not take some time for me. Those courses were a good occasion and were very helpful to me. My 5 years old girl also followed one course: we enjoyed it very much. Rajiv was very patient with us! So, now, I am looking for a good yoga class in Brussels, my home town, to continue to learn yoga to prolong this Indian wellness feeling...

Sigrid, Belgium


I practice yoga tantric synchronisation with a master Rajiv. I got an incredible feeling and discovered yoga on the other side. I am very grateful for that master Rajiv.

Alyona Altapova, Russia